Supporting sustainability

At JOT, our primary goal is to help you create better smart products. But we’re also committed to creating a smarter, more environmentally sustainable future. We can help you determine the value of your end-of-life JOT products and if they would be a good fit for our JOT recertification program, or we can help you recycle them.

Reduce carrying costs

Warehousing decommissioned equipment results in unnecessary carrying costs. The JOT recertification program is an easy and efficient way to free up space and reduce nonessential inventory and insurance costs.

Plan ahead – Investment recovery strategy

If you are ready to determine the value of your decommissioned equipment, simply contact JOT and we’ll respond quickly with a fair and accurate value assessment of your end-of-life assets. But even if you’re not ready to retire your existing JOT products, we can still help you create an asset recovery plan that makes sense for the future of your business and the planet. It’s all about giving you more insights for a healthier bottom line. Plus more purchasing power for new JOT equipment that will help you work faster and smarter.



Protecting your investment JOT also offers repair services that help you maintain and extend the life of your existing equipment so you can maximize the value of your investment.