JOT Certified

JOT recertified products help growing and cost-conscious businesses save money and work smarter. You not only get the best equipment at the best price, you get the newest JOT technologies that enhance productivity and help keep your business ahead of the rest.

The JOT recertification process includes 20 key inspection points. All recertification work is performed by JOT in our refurbishment hub in Hungary. All vital machinery is tested and, if necessary, replaced with JOT OEM parts and components.

All JOT certified pre-owned products receive a 12-month warranty: 12 months from the date of delivery of the product from the JOT factory. That’s the same warranty period offered for new JOT products.

JOT Certified

The circular economy has shown us that labelling aging and unused products as waste is wasteful for business and the planet. JOT asset recovery solutions can help turn unwanted products into valuable resources. They also help keep decommissioned products out of landfills. Recertification, reuse, and recycling are the keys to smarter asset management and good environmental stewardship, and JOT can help your business lead the way.